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8 Amazing Hobbies For Busy Moms

Moms are busy – that is almost always true. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, or a full-time mom with a full-time job, chances are, you’ve got a lot on your plate. With so much on the to-do list everyday, it can be hard to make time for activities for enjoyment. But it is so important that you are taking time for yourself and enjoying your life within and beyond motherhood. These hobbies for busy moms are the perfect activities to add to your week to leave you feeling happier and more refreshed.


Hobbies For Busy Moms



Reading for pleasure can be such an escape from the demands of life. It is an opportunity to enjoy an exciting story, or learn about a fascinating new topic of interest. According to Healthline, there are many benefits to reading, from strengthening your brain to helping you prepare for a good night’s sleep. But I think sometimes, it can feel daunting for busy moms to pick up a new book when there is this thought of, “Well, I’ll never be able to finish this!”

I have found that making a small amount of time everyday or even every few days is the perfect solution for this. Set aside even just 10 minutes of protected time to pick up a book and read a few pages. Eventually, you will finish the books, and it will feel great!

Macrame, Crochet, or Knit Crafting


These activities with yarn are awesome to adopt as hobbies for a number of reasons. First of all, each of these skills is easy to learn the basics of. Whether you chose to knit, crochet, or macrame, there are a ton of resources available on YouTube to get you started. The second reason that these hobbies are great is because you end up with a final product. You can knit a beanie for your little one, or create macrame wall art to give as a Christmas gift to your friend. This makes the time spent in this activity feel purposeful.

The best reason to start one of these hobbies is that they are all quite relaxing. You can sit down, relax, and create. Maybe you have the TV on in the background. Or maybe you are simultaneously watching the kids play. Whatever else is going on, you can use your hands to build beautiful yarn creations and experience the fulfillment that comes with a completed project.



Getting outside and going for a hike is such a fantastic way to relieve stress, get your body moving, and feel accomplished. The best part is that hiking is a hobby that can involve the whole family!

If you live somewhere with hiking trails easily accessible, hiking can become a regular hobby to enjoy with your family. Just make sure you have a safe way to carry your little one if they are too young to walk the trail. A normal baby carrier will work for short, easy trails, but you will want to get a good hiking backpack carrier if you will be hiking often to save your back!



These days, it is so easy to document moments through photography. Pretty much everyone has a perfectly good camera on their phone, and there are so many apps available to take your phone photography and editing skills to the next level.

As a busy mom, photography is a great hobby because you can incorporate it into things you already do. Out and about with the family? Capture the scenery. Want to spend some time with the kiddos? They do make perfect models!

You can start this hobby with your phone camera, and if you determine that it is something you are truly passionate about, it may be worth investing in a nicer camera to up the quality of your shots. No matter what tools you use, you will be happy to look back on the memories you’ve captured through the lens.

Listening to Podcasts


Listening to podcasts is one of my personal favorite hobbies. There are so many incredible podcasts out there on any topic you could imagine. Whether you want to be entertained or engage in personal development, there are plenty of podcasts to keep you satisfied.

What sets this hobby apart is that you can multitask. There are so many activities you can do while listening to podcasts. Whether you are doing dishes or commuting to work, there is always some time to squeeze in an episode of your favorite podcast.



Gardening is such a great hobby for moms, and it is something that can easily engage the kids as well. Not only does gardening get you outside, but it is truly satisfying to watch the plants that you planted thrive.

Go ahead and start a flower garden with the intention of beautifying your yard, or create a plot for a veggie garden. How cool for your family to be able to eat produce that was grown at your own home! And if you don’t have space outside for a garden, you can always turn to houseplants instead.



There are so many amazing reasons to adopt yoga as a hobby! Spending any amount of time practicing yoga can have many benefits to your mind, body, and soul. It truly is a hobby that maximizes the benefits of the time spent.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, many positive effects come from yoga. These include increases in strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as stress reduction and better sleep. Practicing yoga is an important form of self-care, and we all know that mamas need as much self-care as they can get!

If the only time you could possibly fit in a yoga session is when you are home with the kids, go ahead and get them involved! Yoga benefits people of all ages, and your little ones will likely enjoy moving their bodies with you.



As you can probably guess, I really enjoy blogging. And I find that blogging is a perfect hobby for busy moms for a lot of reasons. First, there is something really satisfying about creating meaningful content for others to enjoy. Also, similarly to journaling, there is something therapeutic about reflecting through writing.

If you want to get into blogging, there are tons of great resources out there! Cate from Sweet and Simple Life, Heather and Pete from It’s a Lovely Life, and Marina and Lucrezia from Blogging for New Bloggers offer tons of information for anyone looking to start a blog. You never know, it might become your new favorite hobby (and potential source of income)!

Try Out These Hobbies For Busy Moms


Being a busy mom, it can be hard to prioritize time to enjoy a hobby. But it is vital that you are taking care of yourself, and part of that is finding ways to do things that you love beyond motherhood. Go ahead and try a new hobby. Commit to finding a moment everyday to do something you enjoy. Your happiness depends on you feeding your soul, and taking time for yourself through a hobby is the perfect way to make sure you are satisfied with your life.